Widen the usage of explainer videos

Widen the usage of explainer videos

Widen the usage of explainer videos 1903 692 Explainer Video Production Company

It is not far from the truth that videos are rated very high in viewership. The attraction a video has on viewers is rarely experienced with a written text. Hence, more marketing strategies and promotional campaigns focus on all types of videos to portray their products. If you want to maximize market outreach and reel in the customers then video production, placement and promotion is the best way forward.

Explainer videos have made their way to the top due to their high popularity levels and instant results. These are now powerful communication tools which convey the message of your product in a short and simple yet persuasive style. These are ideal for crowd convergence and retention till they are ultimately turned into the most loyal customers.

The 2D & 3D explainer videos lead to the jump in sales and the return of investments which are huge plus points which cannot be sidelined. These impact your company’s image like no other and accelerate the business in a manner not conceived before.

The versatility of the usage of these explainer videos also allows your product to be advertised in multiple ways. These are multipurpose and achieve the desired results within seconds which even high cost selling strategies are unable to deliver making the these videos extremely cost effective.

Home Page

Placed on the home page, the explainer videos draw in the viewers. It’s best to place them before the folds so these are easily visible with a large click button to lure the viewers for the press. This is certainly a beneficial usage of these videos.

Landing Page

With the explainer videos even the animated ones on your company’s landing pages make all the difference. These increase the visit by 2 minutes and reduce the bounce time too. With the videos on these pivotal pages leads to rapid conversion rates with upto 20 % increase for your products.

E-mail marketing

Explainer marketing videos are quite compatible with emails too. These are shared easily via emails for an effective visualization of your company and products. Mention video in the subject line and this boosts open rates by 53 %. Your email is more likely to be seen even if sent through the personalized emails with Switch Merge which increases the chances to be viewed.


The explainer videos with the motion graphics are a great way to build team interaction and loyalty. The visualization helps them create a brand dedicatedly while internalizing it during the process. The animated versions are used to show and share the new processes and procedures of your company for compliance. These are amazing for introducing your company and its policies.


The explainer videos are an exciting insertion in the blogs. In order to add the necessary spice in the videos, these should be part of the blog mix. This for sure boosts the viewers and the SEO efforts bear fruit. Your page automatically ranks higher in search engines organically.

Paid Ads

Animated marketing videos also lead to the targeted results in a super fast way. Paid marketing campaigns target specific audiences and track the customers to portray the cost per lead. This way your marketing assets are assessed for the best outcomes.

Whether internal or external on sites and search engines, usage of explainer videos is spread widely for the desired impact plus increase in sales. These are truly multidimensional portraying your products for the optimum viewing pleasure and purchases.

So wait is over and craft your customized explainer videos with Explain by Videos.