The 5 Types Of Explainer Videos

The 5 Types Of Explainer Videos

The 5 Types Of Explainer Videos 1280 720 Explainer Video Production Company

Explainer Videos spell success for your company in terms of your product image, staff loyalty, viewer engagement, customer loop in and sales increase. Undoubtedly, explainer videos are no less than powerful pellets hitting their targets in a short timeframe of a minute or so for a lasting impact.

Hence, the video production companies have directed their energies and resources in the design and deliverance of explainer videos due to their high popularity levels. The companies have in house production units with an expert team of artists, graphic designers, script writers and marketers who produce customized videos.

It’s most certainly a win win situation when production, company and consumer trio reap the immense benefits. Inshort, everyone goes home happy. The essential elements of these epic explainer videos comprise a compelling script, connective style, convincing characters, colorful settings and customer centric approach.

These explainer videos come in different shapes, sizes and spheres. Here mentioned are their various projections which your company may choose to produce or employ the explainer video production companies to craft for your products.

2D Animated Videos

With the rise of video content, more and more businesses consider using animated videos for promotion, as they increase conversion rates by 20%. 2D animation explainer videos are also very popular and these are made in a two-dimensional space. Perspective is used to give depth and special software is also used for the desired effects. Inshort, both the characters and scenes come to life with the intended emotional appeal to hook the audience.

3D Animated Videos

Undeniably, 3D animation explainer videos stand above the rest in their three dimensional appeal and high quality finish. These videos produce the best in life like imagery. The fully rotational models definitely immerse the viewers and create an impact like no other. Such software and techniques provide exceptional explainer videos. The multidimensional perspectives of the characters and stories give your product the edge for optimum customer engagement.

  White Board Animation

The white board explainer video production is another transformative technique which works wonders for your business expansion. With a very simplistic style of white board, matters and drawings, it drives home the message effectively. This is a very user friendly platform which results in its high popularity level of these explainer videos. Even the most complex messages are projected simply to loop in the customer for the purchase.

Demo Explainer Videos

If you are looking for the best promotional solutions for your products than this is the best way forward. A hands on demo is provided about the application of the products which helps in the usage of it. These demo promotional videos have a high potential and grab the viewers’ attention immediately which are effective in closing the sales.

Live Action Videos

Live action video production comes into play with the live recording of the videos which involve people and settings. These explainer videos portray the value your company places on the human aspect. These do provide strong link to the caring angle but may not always be within the budget. Customers tend to be attracted to this because of its realistic appeal.

A  variety of explainer videos are used to target different market segment with the common goal of resulting in better product image, customer engagement, sales and business growth.

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