Reach the rapid conversion rate with explainer videos

Reach the rapid conversion rate with explainer videos

Reach the rapid conversion rate with explainer videos 1280 720 Explainer Video Production Company

The million dollar question is that can the explainer videos actually result in rapid conversion rates which will be a strategic game changer for companies all across the globe. You know what this will mean – your site will reach the summit with stupendous increase in sales due to a significant acceleration in the on site visitors.

Yes this is now a fact that explainer videos are the solution to the sales of a company with a phenomenal percentage increase in viewers. However, the explainer videos are also an underutilized marketing strategy. Knowingly that 97 % businesses state that the explainer videos have helped users acquire a better understanding of their products with 81 % reporting an increase in sales.

Quite simply put, conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that are visiting your website. More visitors lead to more viewing and ultimately multiplied sales as they continue to be attracted by your products and services which leads to a ripple effect.

Now, how can this be made possible through these explainer videos. Well to start with, the packaging of the product matters. In other words if the content of the product is made more enticing for viewer engagement, it will hook the customers and boost the sales instantly. In short, product content is the king for the most desired conversion rates.

Smart companies understand this very well and use 2D & 3D explainer videos for the perfect packaging of their products. So they invest in animated corporate videos or employ explainer video services which cater to the conversion rates and target the company goals.

Content Placement

Explainer videos give the must have content and place it very high on the site. The high resolution images, motion graphics and infographics in industrial visualization. This adds the sparkles to the site to lure the visitors. This then needs to be positioned right on the home page for the desired views.

Visual Appeal

It is seen that short explainer videos increase the conversion rates by almost 46%. The run through the product or service features using animation tools based on a superb storyboard heightens user interaction who tend to stay longer on the site. Hence, higher conversion rates.

Play It Over

It’s a fact clearly that no matter how you lay out your key selling points, you still have a window of seconds rather than minutes to grab your audience’s attention, and make sure they get an essence of what you’re offering them. Explainer videos hit the target as these have a play ▶ button that the users almost always press. This is quite addictive as the real product deal is laid out infront of the viewers in around 60 to 90 seconds. What more do they want.

An Effective Marketing Tool

It is reported that viewers are 144 % more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who do not. Industrial visualization has revolutionized the way the products or services are viewed. Explainer production video companies produce explainer videos to address the customers directly. This has resulted in higher viewer satisfaction and sales.

Conversion rates will continue to convert rapidly as long as the easy to comprehend, customized and connected approach of the explainer videos keep the viewer retention longer on the sites along with the high video sharing levels.