How to create the wow factor in the script of the explainer videos

How to create the wow factor in the script of the explainer videos

How to create the wow factor in the script of the explainer videos 600 600 Explainer Video Production Company

It is a fact that explainer videos act no less than a game changer for companies. This has placed the video production companies on top of the marketing game. The sparks of the explainer videos result in an instant wildfire spreading as pique in viewers’ onsite visits with a direct impact on the peak in sales.

Explainer videos use incredible elements in their crafting that make these a sure hit for sales rise and company introductions or projections. The 2D & 3D explainer videos employ the best strategies to target the viewers so they are riveted to the website and take on your company’s products for the ultimate purchase.

The marvelous mix that explainer videos roll out is definitely a feast for the eyes. The concise yet compelling script, featured characters, multidimensional movements, surreal sound and hypnotic hype. These power tools in play ▶ have persuaded the audience to move from passive viewing to active purchasing which a huge success for the companies altogether.

Always remember that the nuclear reaction in the explainer videos is activated by the sensational script around which all the elements revolve. It acts as a trigger which is pressed to tell a story which sinks in easily to build brands and impact rise in sales.

If you need to write words that will take you from introduction of the products to the impact where sales occur and businesses flourish then you need to keep these essential elements in mind during the framing of the script.

Perfect Timing

Timing is everything. Explainer videos harness the attention of the viewers within 60 to 90 seconds which make them quite effective within no time. The words are strategically timed as baits to hook the audience and reel them in for the purchases. This is done superbly well due to the explainer videos being short yet sensational.


There are so many different ways a story is told and retold which makes it etched in the minds of the viewers. This is exactly what a multi purpose script does for you. The explainer videos use the variety as a strength and communicate through various ways of videos, emails and presentations. The flexibility and far reaching impact of the script makes its usage diverse.


A customer centric approach needs to be applied in the script design. The persuasive and presentable style of the script brings out the particular features of the products being sold. The script is crafted around the unique selling points of the products which makes it very effective. The information conveyed helps the viewers make informed decisions and be inspired to purchase the products.

Conversational Style

The success formula is that if you can connect you can effect. Inshort, if the audience understands and is emotionally bonded to the story weaved then they are sure to buy the products. The script is easy to digest which then makes it hard to let go especially the catchy tunes which play over and over in the heads all the way to the product buys.

Sales Pitch

The elevator sales pitch hits the target to capture the audience. The call to action concept of the script guarantees an effective sale after listening to it. The scripts of the explainer videos need to be designed as if speaking directly to the viewers which mesmerises them and they are convinced to make the purchase.  The direct messaging system engages and excites the viewers who ultimately turn into customers which lead to the desired sales.

Include all these wow factors in the script of your explainer video to make it superb for an instant product hype and sales shoot.