Creating impact & quick success in 30 mins through explainer videos

Creating impact & quick success in 30 mins through explainer videos

Creating impact & quick success in 30 mins through explainer videos 1280 720 Explainer Video Production Company

Take your brand to the top and explain your message in power mode. This you can very aptly portrays through explainer videos that are enjoying the top trend in industries worldwide because of the high impact they promise. These explainer videos have become the fastest and surest way to bag the top position in the market with their unprecedented visual appeal as well as great ROI.

Seemingly simple, these explainer videos are best way to project your brand. Who doesn’t want to listen to a story and that too an animated one with attractive colour schemes and sounds. These 2D and 3D animated explainer videos have redefined story telling which pique the interest of the viewers and loop them in for the lucrative purchases.

The charismatic features of the explainer videos have led to their instant popularity and adoption in industrial visualization.

Now the question is how is the high impact factor generated by these 2D and 3D explainer videos.

Short and Sensational

Explainer video companies employ the explainer videos to achieve the required sale numbers as these are short and all is said and done in under 90 seconds. These are quite simple to understand and use cartoons to convey the story of your product or service in animated corporate videos.

Online Salesmen

One of the leading points is the best sales pitch that these deliver. The messages directly address the viewers as if speaking to them one to one. This personalizes your products and paves a direct path towards purchase. Inshort, the explainer video wraps up the deal till your product is sold.

Peak Time

The explainer videos result in more traffic on the website as Google loves videos and viewers tend to stay longer on the website. This automatically accelerates your company’s online visibility which will turn up in more searches. Your company is most likely to rank 53 times higher in searches.

The Power of Customization

The explainer video production companies customise the videos to reflect the USPs of your products. This makes a huge difference as the viewers associate your product even behind the videos so they will directly ask for your product in the market which in itself is a superb sales strategy.

Better ROI

The explainer videos are a powerful tool for a great return of investment. These are easily tracked through the statistics so the performance appraisal is possible. These videos reap in huge profits with high number of viewings, likes and shares.

Cost Effective

Explainer videos include motions, graphics and audios so they are an effective engagement tool to provide entry points to other branded channels. Longer and more interactive site visits account for lower bounce rates which means users will be actually absorbing your content.

User friendly

The popularity of videos is also associated with the rise in technology. With mobiles in each and every hand, it is easier to view the videos with the click of a button. This has multiplied their engagement with accessibility anytime and anywhere.

Emotional Appeal

Viewers are more likely to recall videos 80% of the time. The videos do the magic trick with their motion graphics, sound and compelling scripts. If their memories retain these videos then it is highly likely that they will be emotionally hooked on too. This unique bonding with your product leads to the skyrocketing of your company sales!

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